elementi arredativi made in italy in gesso
30 anni esperienza cartongesso


  • Technology of Plasterboard

    Technology of Plasterboard

    Right corner Plasterboard

    Resolved and essential formes highlighted by the corners and the effects of light in which we can integrate, create simple and elegant surroundings.

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  • Technology Plasterfiber

    Technology Plasterfiber

    Quality Inspection

    Inspections retractable made with fibrogesso and calcium sulfate dihydrate, technically called "flush with the wall", for projects with minimal and essential aspects.

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  • Wood Technology

    Wood Technology

    Curved Plywood

    (ITA) Forme morbide e sinuose, caratterizzano l’ambiente circostante rendendolo gradevole ed accogliente, dall’aspetto estetico elegante sia in stile classico che moderno.

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  • Calcium Silicate Plan

    Calcium Silicate Plan

    Fire protection and ventilated facades

    Production of fire inspections and cut to size for ventilated facades in calcium silicate, material with excellent performance to protect from the fire and to resist at the weathering at any temperature

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  • 3d Panels

    3d Panels

    Soft Surface

    A production of three-dimensional panels for decoration of the walls, create an effect "shadow-light" increasing harmony with the surrounding environment.

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  • Lighting


    Essential Light

    Luminaire plaster, from minimal design, inspired by various contemporary artistic trends, enhance and optimize the surroundings

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  • Ornaments and Decorations

    Ornaments and Decorations

    (ITA) Cornici, Lesene, peducci, colonne,capitelli e tante altre decorazioni in gesso per ambienti di stile classico ed antico con finiture di alto pregio.

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  • Forms on measurement

    Forms on measurement

    All the shapes you want. Our workers or our production plants can make any shape of your projects.

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