Profilgessi Srl is a young and dynamic company, leader in the production and sale of furnishing and functional elements for constructive systems to dry, since many years a point of reference for professionals and companies in the field of lightweight construction.

The thirty-year experience of the partners, the expertise, the innovation of products and the ‘use of the most efficient materials combine an artisan production dedicated to forms and items with high quality finishing at the industrial production of items made ​​from innovative technological processes.

We offer a complete range of products, as well as tailor-made services that meet the various demands of designers, allowing them to heal better and in great details their drawings.

The use of gypsum, a mineral considered for centuries “malleable for excellence,” gives us the opportunity to work through various production methods, materials from it derived such as synthetic and ventilated gypsum, sheets of plasterboard, plaster fiber, fiber cement, calcium silicate etc.

The continuous collaboration with suppliers, in search for materials to us dedicated, allows us to produce high quality products with specifications approved by the certification bodies.

Every idea, project or product is developed with skill and serious, not surprisingly we made many forms in prestigious yards and we serve big international companies. We also guarantee a technical and expert advice, available and in short time.

Available in our warehouse also products for the partitioning, thermal and acoustic insulation, passive fire protection and building systems to dry in general.