Why use the products of Profilgessi?

To valorize more your daily work by speeding the performance of contracts and obtaining excellent aesthetic results, surely appreciated by your customers.

Why offer at your designers and construction managers the products Profilgessi?

To allow them to treat best and in great detail their projects, of integrate them into the design, obataining the results of excellent finiture.

Why rely at Profilgessi for this kind of products?

Why Profilgessi can achieve any form of measure as plaster, gypsum composite, plaster fiber, fiber cement, wood, calcium silicate or plasterboard, solving any problem of feasibility.

What are the advantages for the application of these products?

All products are pre-assembled and ready to mount, the timing of the application becomes almost minimal compared to those with the construction in work, among other things not always possible.

Often also the costs are almost never more, especially in those elements which in the construction in work involving the insertion of a number of metal profiles and complete shaves over the entire surface of the form, with the results of aesthetic quality lower.

What differences are there in the end result?

The manufacture of the products is performed with technological installations or craft techniques, for which the elements produced, resulting of shape perfect, avoiding in the assembly phase a huge work shaving or gleaning.

What other advantages can be highlighted?

Profilgessi work with a wide range of products, fulfilling the most unlimited fantasies for the decorative aspect, but also offering many functional products.

Just look at the shelves for realizing shelving or bookcases, at the inspections either ceiling or wall, that can also be used at the external, at the ventilated façades and hatches Fire in calcium silicate, the gorges and the half-columns up to the light fixtures.

What guarantees offer the Profilgessi?

Profilgessi srl, given the thirty years of experience, offers a remarkable expertise in the area and can assist you with technical inspections on your sites and advise you in the application of its products.

There are other considerations of this company?

Profilgessi srl wants to be the company’s support for its customers, always looking for a continuous and lasting relationship based on mutual respect and trust, to consolidate and strengthen with the passage of time, sharing every need or problem situations that will be created.

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