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Fire inspections

Fire inspections Assonometria
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Fire inspections are made with plates and calcium silicate hydrate cellulose fibers, asbestos-free and inorganic substances, in class “A1” fire reaction.

They are made with a particular joint which allows the no-propagation of the fire with the aid of thermo-expanding gaskets.

Dimensions: All these hatches are produced exclusively at measuring

Material: It is slabs in class A1 fire reaction, in calcium silicate hydrate fiber of cellulose inorganic additives, free of asbestos, inorganic fibers, gypsum and other matrices hydrated minerals.

Considerations: In the building sector, specifically in the context of constructive systems to dry, fire protection has become, over time, more and more importance for the protection of persons and property.
In the lower surfaces of the above dry construction there is always the need to distribute pipe and duct is dangerous for the combustion, which for the propagation of the fire that they themselves can generate.
  At the same time there is always the need dipoter access to the facilities for their maintenance.
Just referring to these general considerations, we have created the hatches calcium silicate, the choice of material falls on calcium silicate for its antifire definitely more performance compared to other materials.

Technical featuresSUPALUX-SSUPALUX-V
Thickness tolerances± 0,5 (610mm)
± 1,0 (15-20mm)
+ 0,0 - 0,8
Reaction to fireClass 0Class 0
Nominal density in the dry state kg/m³875500
Bending strength N/mm² (average of two directions, dry plate)8,52,0
Compressive strength N/mm² (crushing al 5 %)6,52,0
Thermal conductivity W/mK0,170,13
Coefficient of thermal expansion at 100°C 1/K9x10ˉ67,5x10ˉ6
Dilatation hygrometer % (from ambient humidity to water saturation)0,050,05
PH Superficial7÷107÷10
Production exclusively to measure

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